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Employment law is constantly changing, both in terms of legislation and when new case law develops. We can advise you of significant developments when they occur, summarising what you need to know in our clear, user-friendly email updates. As always, we will be focused on how the law will affect your workplace in practice, so that you can be best equipped to deal with any changes.

Collective redundancy consultation and the expiry of fixed term contracts

24 January 2014 by Peter Stevens

When an employer proposes to dismiss 20 employees or more within a 90 day period, the duty to enter into collective consultation under the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 (TULRCA) may be triggered. In the test case of University College Union v University of Stirling , heard... read more »

Weekly limits WON’T increase on 1 February – but might later!

24 January 2014 by Nicola Brown

It has been the case for as long as we can remember (and that is a long time!) that the statutory limits for certain employment claims are reviewed annually and any changes take effect from 1 February each year. In particular, the limit on a week’s pay (for calculating things like... read more »

FAQs: Settlement Agreements

20 December 2013 by Nicola Brown

This article is available as a downloadable pdf here. Since Settlement Agreements were introduced in July this year, we have been receiving a lot of enquiries from employers about them. How do they differ from Compromise Agreement (if at all)? How does the without prejudice rule work with new... read more »

Is a requirement to work on Sundays religious discrimination?

20 December 2013 by Nicola Brown

Yet again, the intersection between employment law and religion has been in the headlines following the Eweida case earlier this year. The latest case, Mba v London Borough of Merton , considered whether it was discriminatory for an employer to insist upon a Christian employee working on Sundays. Mrs... read more »

Can an employer rely on Occupational Health report as to whether an employee is disabled?

20 December 2013 by Nicola Brown

Most employers would understandably feel that if they have taken specialist advice from Occupational Health, they would be entitled to rely on the advice they have been given. Unfortunately the case of Gallop v Newport City Council shows that this may not always be correct. Employers of disabled... read more »

In the red – political views of a Labour party activist accepted as a philosophical belief

20 December 2013 by Nicola Brown

The Equality Act 2010 protects employees from discrimination on the grounds of their religion or philosophical beliefs. Previously it was thought that this should not apply to political beliefs. However, the tide may have started to turn, particularly as following the Redfearn case earlier this year, employees are protected against unfair... read more »

I’m a celebrity; don’t get me out of here! – John McCririck loses age discrimination case

28 November 2013 by Anna Rabone

Celebrity cases in the Employment Tribunals usually attract a lot of media attention.  The latest involved John McCririck, the former presenter of Channel 4 Racing, who lost his claim for age discrimination following a decision by Channel 4 not to retain him as a television presenter (John McCririck v Channel... read more »

Penalty? Dealing with repayment provisions

28 November 2013 by Peter Stevens

Employers often put provisions in contracts of employment requiring an employee to repay sums which the employer has spent on behalf of that employee. A common example is a requirement to repay the costs of a training course if the employee leaves their employment. Usually, these provisions operate for a fixed... read more »

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