Investigations, Hearings and Appeals

Many employers find dealing with disciplinary and grievance issues one of the most difficult parts of employing staff. Clearly it involves sensitive issues, and often the employee may have worked with you for a considerable period of time. It is therefore often very difficult to deal with issues in as objective a manner as possible and to try to keep emotions out of the process.

The team at Pure Employment Law have vast experience in advising employers on how to deal with tricky disciplinary and grievance issues, and we can take the strain and largely handle the matter for you. So how can we help?

  • Initially we would normally discuss the issue with you and depending on the nature of the issue, we would give you advice as to whether the issue merits going down a disciplinary route, or on how best to investigate the allegations or grievance.
  • We can come to your premises and carry out an investigation, or we can potentially deal with the investigation remotely. The investigation might involve interviewing witnesses and preparing statements, viewing CCTV, reviewing documentation etc. It may well also involve interviewing the employee(s) involved, or alternatively, if you prefer, we can advise you or one of your managers on how to carry out the investigation.
  • We can also assist with the disciplinary or grievance hearing. We are able to attend the hearing with you and help you reach a decision. Alternatively (provided this has been discussed and agreed with us in advance) you can appoint one of our team as decision-maker, but that would mean that person has to be given the authority to come to whatever decision they see fit.
  • To ensure independence, if one of the team from Pure Employment Law has been involved in the investigation, a different team member would attend the disciplinary or grievance hearing.
  • Similarly, we can assist you in dealing with any appeals, again by attending the hearing if you wish.
  • We can also provide someone to take the minutes of the meeting. By using a person who is not your employee, you are of course reducing the number of people within your organisation who are involved, and therefore helping to maintain confidentiality and staff morale.
  • You can read a case study on an investigation we recently completed for a client, which is available here.

We have many years’ experience in dealing with these types of issues, including representing employers in the Employment Tribunal, and we bring that experience to bear in tailoring our service to suit your needs. Our expertise will substantially reduce the chance of claims being brought against you, and if claims are brought, it will significantly increase your chance of successfully defending them.

If you would like to discuss how we can help with a situation you are dealing with, please contact us on 01243 836840 or email [email protected].

“Thank you so much to Nicola for her hard work and for the thorough approach she took to the investigation.”

“Thank you for a conclusive investigation and report.”