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An update on employee owners (or should we say 'employee shareholders'?)

20 December 2012 by Nicola Brown

We updated you in our October ebulletin about the Government’s proposals to create employee owners, who will exchange specific employment rights for shares in the company they are employed by. Our article on the proposals can be found here. A consultation was released by the Department for Business, Innovation... read more »

Changes to the minimum consultation for collective redundancies

20 December 2012 by Nicola Brown

The Government have announced that the requirement for there to be a period of 90 days’ consultation where an employer proposes to dismiss 100 employees or more at the same establishment will be reduced to a period of 45 days with effect from April 2013. The period of consultation required... read more »

Increase in Employment Tribunal limits for 2013

20 December 2012 by Nicola Brown

The Employment Tribunal limits increase each year with effect from 1 February. The details of the limits that will apply in 2013 are as follows: There will be an increase in the maximum amount of a “week’s pay” from £430 to £450. This is used for the purposes of calculating a basic or additional award... read more »

Candid camera - tagged and in trouble

20 December 2012 by Nicola Brown

The staff Christmas party went well and everyone went home in good spirits. The HR team breathe a sigh of relief as no employee seemed to cross the line on the night and no complaints of bad behaviour were received. Then, a manager gets in touch – they've seen one of their team... read more »

Fear factor - how to deal with reluctant witnesses

20 December 2012 by Nicola Brown

Employers dealing with allegations made against an employee will often need to take statements from other employees who may have witnessed what happened. Where witnesses are happy to cooperate with the employer’s investigations, matters are usually fairly straightforward. However, where employees are not prepared to cooperate, or say they will only... read more »

You've been warned!

20 December 2012 by Nicola Brown

In the recent case of Wincanton Group plc v Stone (2012), the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) had to consider whether an Employment Tribunal had made an error of law in finding that the dismissal of Mr Stone was unfair. In this case, Mr Stone was a driver who had been... read more »

Time off for cosmetic surgery

20 December 2012 by Nicola Brown

One of our employees has said that she will be undergoing cosmetic surgery in the New Year and will need to take time off. Will that time count as sickness absence, and are there any other points we should be aware of? We often find that our answer to a... read more »

FAQ: What are the rules when an employee is called for jury service?

20 December 2012 by Nicola Brown

Readers will perhaps be surprised to learn that there is no statutory right for an employee to take time off in relation to jury service. However, employees are protected from being subjected to a detriment or from being dismissed as a result of being summoned to fulfil a period of jury... read more »

New family friendly rights announced

27 November 2012 by Nicola Brown

Many of you will have read the announcement by Deputy Prime Minster Nick Clegg that there is to be a flexible system of parental leave in place by 2015. The announcement was made on the same day as the Government released its response to a consultation on flexible... read more »

Protection from discrimination on the grounds of political views

27 November 2012 by Nicola Brown

A judgment from the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Redfearn v The United Kingdom (2012) means it is now likely that political views held by individuals should be treated as ‘philosophical beliefs’ and therefore granted protection from discrimination under the Equality Act 2010.  Facts of... read more »

Dismissing sick employees who have Permanent Health Insurance (PHI)

27 November 2012 by Nicola Brown

Can an employer lawfully dismiss an employee on the grounds of ill health, when the employee is entitled to the benefit of permanent health insurance (PHI)?  Potentially yes, according to the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) in Lloyd v BCQ Limited (2012). PHI is insurance cover that will provide an... read more »

FAQ: Time off for dependants - how much is reasonable?

27 November 2012 by Nicola Brown

We have an employee who has taken several weeks off recently due to a breakdown in her childcare arrangements. Her mother normally looks after her baby, but her mother was ill for a week so the employee took a week off. Then just as the employee was due to return to... read more »

Stakeholder pension designation

27 November 2012 by Nicola Brown

On 1 October 2012 the requirement for an employer who employs five or more employees to designate and facilitate access to a stakeholder pension scheme was abolished. This means an employer is no longer obliged to provide access to a pension scheme until the employer becomes subject to the duty... read more »

Two down - discrimination questionnaires & third party harassment

27 November 2012 by Nicola Brown

This is just updating you on two upcoming changes to the Equality Act 2010 - the abolition of discrimination questionnaires and the third part harassment provisions: 1. Abolition of discrimination questionnaires The Government has said, in its response to a consultation issued in May this year that it will be abolishing... read more »

Update on reservists

27 November 2012 by Nicola Brown

Phillip Hammond (the Defence Secretary) has announced a consultation on the future of the reservists. We previously wrote an article on the law and reservists which can be found here. The consultation makes a number of suggestions and proposals. However, the ones of interest to employers are as follows: A proposal that employers who show... read more »

Pure Quality!

16 November 2012 by Nicola Brown

We are delighted to report that we have received a fantastic ranking in the latest edition of the Chambers and Partners independent legal directory. Pure Employment Law has now moved up to be a top tier firm in employment law – a real achievement when you consider that we only started... read more »

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